Assessment and Treatment for Abuse and Dependence on Alcohol or Other Drugs

Alcohol/Drug Information School (ADIS)

ADIS is a educational class that provides complete information on alcohol and other drugs. It is designed to meet state ADIS requirements for persons who may be legally required to attend. 

We are pleased to announce that we will be providing ADIS via Zoom on February 3, 2023 from 8:30am-4:30pm.  To register for this class, you must sign up through Eventbrite.  To find this ADIS class on Eventbrite, you may:  follow the link below; copy and paste the link below into a web browser; or search "Alcohol/Drug Information School" on Eventbrite.

Please contact us if you would like additional information.


Alcohol/Other Drug Abuse Groups

This group is tailored to individuals who have been diagnosed with alcohol or other drug abuse. Abuse group meets once a week for one hour, and has an eight-session rotating curriculum.


Recovery Groups

Recovery groups are available on a weekly basis for continuing care of individuals who have recently completely IOP or intensive inpatient treatment.


Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a focused and structured program for persons who have previously completed IOP or intensive inpatient treatment and who have had difficulty in remaining alcohol or drug free.


Urinalysis Tests

Urinalysis testing for alcohol and other drugs is a service offered by PRC for legal, court requirements or third-party requests.



Evaluations consist of a face-to-face interview with an individual counselor. The purpose of an evaluation is to determine whether a problem with alcohol or drugs exists. If it is determined that there is a problem, a treatment plan is designed to meet each individual’s needs at the time of the evaluation. Adult and adolescent evaluations are available.


DUI Assessments

Persons who have been convicted of a “DUI” (driving under the influence) in the state of Washington are required by law to obtain a DUI Assessment. PRC offers DUI assessments that meet the state requirements and they are conducted in the same way as an evaluation which is described above.


Deferred Prosecution Evaluations

The Deferred Prosecution program is a state program available through the courts to certain individuals who have received a DUI. PRC offers Deferred Prosecution evaluations for those seeking to enter this program as a result of legal charges.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) (includes Family Weekend)

IOP is designed for those persons who are dependent or addicted to alcohol or other drugs.  It is a 72-hour program that takes place over six weeks**. IOP is offered in a group setting and focuses on education and treatment of the disease of chemical dependency. The program includes an 18-hour weekend designed to involve family members or close friends in the treatment of the person in the IOP.

**As a result of COVID regulations for healthcare facilities, our IOP has been modified for the time being.  Family Weekend is not being offered and the IOP group is meeting for 72 hours over eight weeks.**



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